At IM+SS we have an outstanding track record with regards to providing a professional asset management and data compliance service for our clients. We pride ourselves on our key objective which is to provide excellent customer service at all times and continually identify innovative ways of improving the end to end processes for managing assets.

We have a team of surveyors that are dedicated, highly experienced building services engineers and property specialists coupled with a strong customer service focus. We use the latest technology to capture and audit comprehensive asset information using pre-defined asset drop down pick lists, robust compliance audit tools and a structured approach to analysing system integrity and historical performance.

Asset Condition Surveys

Since the company’s formation in 2013, IM&SS Ltd have a long track record in delivering asset condition surveys.

In 2018, IM+SS chose to use Mobiess Asset Inspector software as its platform to help develop a more efficient asset data collection process to improve this particular core service and the value delivered to our clients accordingly. We now use this software for all M&E surveying projects.  This mobile application utilising tablets ensures:

  • Consistency in data collection
  • Coding using configurable multi level hierarchies
  • Database driven asset selection lists

This approach enables us to reduce survey timescales, data collection errors and unnecessary back office administration tasks resulting in reduced costs and the elimination of data collection errors.

Mobiess Asset Inspector is a mobile software solution specifically designed for asset condition surveys. This app helps us in the delivery of all M&E asset verification and fabric condition survey projects.

We believe that the adoption of this application has enabled us to efficiently provide our clients with the following:

  • Full understanding of the condition of assets
  • Real-time asset visibility
  • Full accountability for company assets
  • Track asset life cycle and effectively plan and budget for future events
  • Assess, manage and react quickly to risks and achieve compliance while reducing costs
  • Increase efficiency in understanding assets by creating custom hierarchies
  • Reduction in administration costs and elimination of unnecessary paperwork
  • Management of multiple projects at the same time

Software Solution

We have invested in an industry leading asset capture software application based on experience and in-depth knowledge of asset surveying, condition and lifecycle project requirements. This software operates on tablets and provides verification and new asset surveys. The output database is seamlessly transferred into all market CAFM systems providing a full PPM programme and Forward Maintenance (lifecycle plan) to meet customer needs. Our asset, condition and lifecycle surveys produce excellent information databases that are used to create PPM plans, forward maintenance registers and 5 to 20 year lifecycle capital expenditure plans.

All data is stored and managed within a secure cloud based portal operated via dedicated UK data centres. Data is constantly backed up and meets a very high level of security to a standard in keeping with the ISO 27001 accreditation.

Asset Inspector provides a structured approach to tagging and coding assets using configurable multi-level hierarchies and database driven pick lists, allowing use of different hierarchies for different projects or customers. This flexible and structured approach to asset coding supports Strategic Maintenance Planning and the production of accurate Fixed Asset Registers.

Our mobile asset condition surveys app includes a comprehensive, fully configured asset hierarchy that helps you get started with any asset verification project. Overcome one of the biggest challenges to getting started with asset management by implementing a prepopulated asset hierarchy that is ready to use immediately. Spend time effectively managing your assets instead of being faced with a blank page and building asset details from an empty list.

Keith Parker – Managing Director of IM+SS Ltd

“Having used other software platforms, I felt that as a business we needed a mobile solution that was accurate, easy to use and operate, consistent, that can save time on site and speed up survey output and real time reporting. All of this whilst maintaining accuracy, quality and supporting a number of projects at the same time. This has enabled us to keep IM+SS at the forefront of what has become a highly complex and competitive market place.”

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